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Best 3D Car Racing Android Games

August 1, 2016
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The best thing about playing 3D games on your smartphone is the simple fact that the amazing animations and graphics gives a player a kind of real world effect which can be a lot of fun. Google Play Store is the most reliable source for getting the best high speed 3D games most of which are free to download. Here are the top racing games for your smartphone.


  1. Fast Racing 3D

Go through the oncoming traffic while collecting power tokens and knocking other cars off the road in this mind addictive gameplay. Winning races earns you money which can be used to unlock other cars and utilities. It is a game that provides the best racing experience with its mind blowing sceneries and you get to drive the coolest cars.


  1. Race Illegal- High Speed 3D

You get to experience street racing on your smartphone in this insane game. There are 20 tracks and 9 cars to choose as you advance to each level. As you play enjoy other great customization features and real looking beautiful landscapes.


  1. Fast and Furious 6: The Game

If you were a fan of the movie, you will definitely be a fan of the game. Test your driving skills on the streets of London and participate in ride or die missions. You earn the respect of other drivers by the number of successful missions you have. The graphics are amazing and when combined with other features such as new game modes and online racing. It can hence become very addictive.

To conclude, you can never get bored as long as you have an Android phone with you. Just open Google Play Store and find an endless list of free racing games. They all come in different sizes and one needs to choose a game that is compatible with your smartphone.

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