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Drag Racing: A Brief History

August 1, 2016
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Henry Ford played a critical role in developing affordable cars through the assembly line. The masses, therefore, acquired vehicles easily. Increasing usage of cars led to the development of car racing competitions.

The history of drag racing shows that the dry lake beds were initially used as venues for the car competitions, more so in the area of speed. Two lane road strips also served as a perfect spot for top speed racing. These early racing activities were illegal because they were not approved by the appropriate government agencies.


Early racing regulations

To ensure acceptance and government approval of the sports in the USA, some fans of the emerging car racing competition introduced rules. The rules were aimed at regulating drag racing events. The regulation resulted in the formation of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

Racing at top speed was allowed, with many drivers driving their cars at more than 100 miles per hour. The preferred venue for drag racing competition was the Muroc dry lake bed found in California.


Acceptance of drag racing in America

However, the first official car racing competition was introduced in 1950 by C.J. Hart. Drag racing was sufficiently accepted in the American society when people understood that street racing could be done in safe conditions. Various news outlets reported the drag strip races. In 1959, NHRA organized several street racing competitions across the United States.


NHRA successes

Currently, NHRA has approximately 80,000 members in the USA. The first president of NHRA is Wally Parks. The president had the vision of making drag racing a national and global sporting event. Car news provides information about the latest technology used to make racing cars. The technology enhances the speed and safety of racing cars.

Drag racing is a unique sport because drivers compete in a straight line at top speed.

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