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Motocross: What You Need to Know (August 2, 2016 8:51 am)
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Road Bikes of the 2016 Tour de France (August 2, 2016 6:54 am)
Guide to Getting Into Vintage Racing (August 2, 2016 6:53 am)

Types of Racing


Motocross: What You Need to Know

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Motorsports are very popular nationally and globally because they are very entertaining to both participants and viewers. One example of motorsport is motocross (MX). The


The History of Solar Car Racing

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Solar car racing is a competitive race of electric cars. The cars are powered by solar energy that is harnessed through a solar panel installed

vintage racing

Guide to Getting Into Vintage Racing

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  Introduction The thrill and excitement brought forth by the rasping hum of classic cars at speed is out of this world. Besides that, there

isle of man tt

Top 5 Most Prestigious Motor Races in the W...

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It’s a fact that some motor races are more prestigious than others. But what makes these particular motor races stand out above the rest? This


Best 3D Car Racing Android Games

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The best thing about playing 3D games on your smartphone is the simple fact that the amazing animations and graphics gives a player a kind

dragon boat racing

All about Dragon Boat Racing

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Introduction Dragon boats were initially used in the Pearl River Delta, China. These traditional watercrafts were built using various kinds of wood. Dragon boats are


The Art of Barrel Racing

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Barrel racing, also nicknamed barrels, is a popular rodeo event in the United States and Canada. The event mainly features women riding horses while young


All about CycloCross Racing

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Cyclocross racing was started in Europe in the early 1900s with an aim of helping racers to remain fit during the fall and winter seasons.

adventure racing

What is Adventure Racing?

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Adventure racing or expedition racing is exactly what the name implies – a race that’s full of the wild and the unknown, a complete adventure.


Horse Racing 101

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History Horse racing is known to be one of the oldest forms of sport – with people racing on the backs of horses or in