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Most Popular Female Race Car Drivers of All Time

July 29, 2016
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While we mostly know car racing as a male sport, some women are car enthusiasts. They love the adrenaline rush that comes with the car racing sport. The article discusses some of the most popular female race car drivers.


Denise McCluggage

McCluggage began her career as a journalist. She was a staff member of the San Francisco Chronicle. Her interest in car racing started during the 1950s. This was the period when she acquired an MG TC racing car. Because of her career in journalism and interest in professional car racing, the New York Herald Tribune hired her in 1954 as a sports journalist. She has two major achievements as a race car driver. In 1961, she won the GT rally at Sebring 12 Hours. She also won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964.


Helle Nice

Nice is among the most popular race car drivers in the Grand Prix category. In 1929 she won the Autodrome de Montlhéry women Grand Prix race. As from 1931, she was the only female in the Ettore Bugatti racing team. Her career ended in 1936 when she suffered a near fatal crash during the Grand Prix in Sao Paulo.


Shirley Muldowney

Muldowney is popularly known as “First Lady of Drag Racing.” She is the first female to be registered by the National Hot Rod Association. She is also the first woman to use top fuel dragster in professional racing. She emerged the first in 18 NHRA racing events.


Danica Sue Patrick

Patrick has made an important performance mark in the US open-wheel racing. This is because she is the first and only female racer to emerge top in the Indy Japan 300 event. She is also the first woman to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

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