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Guide to Getting Into Vintage Racing

August 2, 2016
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The thrill and excitement brought forth by the rasping hum of classic cars at speed is out of this world. Besides that, there is also the visual and physical treat to highly tuned and revamped old cars. Vintage racing is not just a sport but it is a way of appreciating the history of the auto industry. There are thousands of competitions around the world dedicated to finding, reinstating, preserving and driving racing cars from every era ever lived. Vintage racing is an adventurous, fulfilling and low-cost sport for any one enthusiastic about cars.

Nonetheless, how does one get into vintage car racing?

Choose a vintage racing car club

Every vintage car racing club has their own rules and requirements for new members. Obtain adequate information from the clubs around you to help you understand the terms of acceptability concerning the age, racing experience, accepted car makes and models.


Select a vintage race car

An important step towards becoming a member of this adventurous sport is finding your preferred historic car. The car of choice can be of any make, class or category. Cars that date back to as far as the 1800s to historic out-of-date contemporary models can be used. They do not need to have a racing history; performance can also be a basis for selection.


Prepare the car

The preparation of the car will depend on the rules of the club you intend to be part of. Many vintage racing organizations prefer preserving the car as it was in its peak period. A period-authentic car with precise period preparation that includes the paint and decals will work. Make sure that the car retains its vintage era aspects and only includes a few safety and reliability modifications.


Driving school and training

Most vintage clubs require a vintage-racing license. Some may offer the license after they train you themselves while others need evidence that you have already qualified to engage in the sport. Racing schools offer training at different levels to suit different levels of experience. You could choose to join with a club that offers the training or be trained from an independent institution depending on what is most convenient.

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