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Motocross: What You Need to Know

August 2, 2016
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Motorsports are very popular nationally and globally because they are very entertaining to both participants and viewers. One example of motorsport is motocross (MX). The sport requires sportspeople to compete using motorcycles. The article explains how motorcycle riders can effectively participate in the motocross competition. To be successful in the sport, the riders have to understand the dos and don’ts of the competition.


The dos of MX competition

At the start of the competition, the rider is supposed to consider the starting line. The starting line is important because it ensures fairness in the motocross competition. The starting line enables the riders to start the competition at the same time. The rider is required to wear the tear-offs during all motocross competitions. The tear-offs are special faux lenses that are used for protection during motorsports. The faux lenses ensure clear vision by preventing dust or small particles from entering the eyes of the rider.

It is important for the rider to whip in the right direction or path. This minimizes or prevents accidents that may hinder the riders from proceeding with the race. The rider is expected to consider the level of ruts. Ruts vary in depth, depending on the track. The rider should lift up their legs when competing in a track that has deeper ruts.


The don’ts of MX competition

It is not proper for the rider to jump the gate. This is an unfair practice in competitive sports. A rider who engages in the act may be prevented from proceeding with the race. The inside line should not be left open. The rider should protect his or her line choice to hinder the competitors from gaining more advantage. The rider should not race using the roll-off approach. Roll-offs can easily cause accidents when the bike encounters even a minor obstacle such as a small rock.


Significance of the racing rules

Motocross rules are important in setting basic standards for the competition. The rules ensure that the competition is fair. The riders start the race at the same time, and they are subjected to similar track conditions. The rules also enhance the safety of the riders by encouraging them to wear protective equipment.

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