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Greyhound Racing: Animal Cruelty

August 2, 2016
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Use of animals as entertainment is quite prevalent in some areas despite opposition by animal rights activists. Animal Rights Issues have, however, fought to advocate for the right of animals and many forms of cruelty to animals are no longer practiced as much. Organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are doing well in terms of creating awareness on animal rights to end cruelty acts against them.


Greyhound racing

The number of Greyhounds killed annually because of failure to excel in racing competitions is alarming. Nevertheless, things are not any rosier for those that are lucky to stay maintain optimal performance, as they also risk suffering injuries while on the track.

In some cases, the Greyhounds may be induced with drugs and steroids to improve performance and prevent them from going into heat.


What happens when the Greyhounds are not racing?

Even when off the track, the dogs still suffer as they are forced to stay caged and sometimes in not so good conditions. Their cages as well as transportation trucks lack basic amenities such as air conditioners which sometimes lead to their death.

The lifespan of a Greyhound is estimated to be around 13 years, however, those involved in the cruel sport are made to ‘retire’ at 18 months to 5 years as they are no longer fast enough. The retired dogs are sent to rescue groups, kept as breeding stock or are simply killed. The dogs sometimes lack proper nutrition causing them to be in poor health.



While there are organizations and groups trying to make a difference for abused and mistreated animals, the numbers are overwhelming and they cannot manage it all on their own. Animal activists call upon individuals and supporters of acts like Greyhound racing to realize the harm they are causing and consider ending cruelty to animals for selfish gains.

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